Get Started

The Pocket Flag Project is great for schools, American Legion units, scouting groups, and more.

First, find a military unit:

  • Ask around your community, school, church, or neighborhood first to find deployed or deploying troops. There are people from every community who are in the military and deployed or deploying.
  • Watch the local papers for information about someone from your community who is active duty overseas.
  • Your local recruiting office or military base may be able to provide a POC (Point of Contact) to whom you can send completed flags.
  • Your local VFW or American Legion may have units where they are sending CARE or Comfort Packages.
  • You just need a POC to send a batch of flags, not a list of individual names to send single flags.

Next, order flags!

Flags are $90 for a set of 300 pre-cut flags. Please send your shipping address, e-mail address, payment (check or money order – sorry, no credit cards), POC for the receiving unit, and the number of flags you want in boxes of 300 to:

Pocket Flag Project
P.O. Box 740847

Arvada, CO 80006

Each folded flag should be packaged in a 3×3 bag to fit in the shirt pocket. If you cannot find bags in your area, a Sea Scout Ship crew will ship bags to you in sets of 300 for $12 (additional sets of 100 are $3). Email or send your payment and contact information to:

Sea Scout Ship 41
29560 Lake Road
Bay Village, Ohio 44140

Then, start folding!

Download the enclosure cards here.

By yourself or with a team, fold and package the flags with the enclosure card and a personal message (optional). Find folding instructions on our ‘How to Fold‘ page and download the enclosure cards here. It will take 25 sheets to make 300 cards; we suggest putting your group’s return address in the blank space and writing a personal message of appreciation on the back. Please keep “Pocket Flag Project” and the web address on your cards. Some Pocket Flag Project supporters have received thank you notes in the past.

Send your flags and make a difference!

Please remember that pocket flags are only for our deployed and deploying soldiers. The following uses are unapproved:

  • Table favors for military or patriotic dinners
  • Fundraisers
  • Veterans and active military not serving on the front lines
  • Firemen and policemen
  • Reservists
  • Parades
  • Hand out to the public at various events

Our resources are limited and fully dedicated to providing support to our frontline troops.